2024 Product Catalog


We 100% stand behind our products and are proud to offer 2 Year Product Warranty on anything Lincoln Chrome. 


Lincoln Industries is the largest and most diverse privately-held metal finishing company in North America. We are a growth-oriented company that for 70 years has been providing the highest quality nickel chrome and electroplated finishes to the world’s leading brands such as Harley-Davidson, PACCAR, John Deere, Polaris, Navistar, and Mercury Marine. We are proud to serve all major truck OEMs in North America today. Known for our unique company culture and aggressive entrepreneurial spirit, Lincoln continues to drive improvements and innovations for our impressive customer base. In 2008, we launched Lincoln Chrome, our own brand of heavy-duty aftermarket truck products. Supplying to the heavy-duty truck market requires three things: quality products, consistent delivery, and great customer service. At Lincoln Chrome, we provide all three.


With a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship, we take our manufacturing process seriously. Our expertise from supplying the premium truck brands extends into our products from Lincoln Chrome. We are proud to be the only vertically integrated manufacturer of premium aftermarket truck accessories. We bend, polish and plate all our products in-house, meaning we provide you with best-in-class finishes and quality that can only come from America’s heartland. Our quality control systems ensure precision in every step in the manufacturing process. Order processing, engineering, and customer service combine with in-house manufacturing to ensure a high-quality customer experience every time. With leading class plating technology and the largest dedicated plating lines in North America, Lincoln Chrome is proud to provide these benefits to our customers.


We believe nothing is more American than quality. We guarantee the highest quality chrome finish in the business which means starting with flawless material. Second, we create a smooth surface through expert polishing that is unmatched by any competitors. Lastly, quality triplex nickel for improved adhesion and corrosion resistance with a final layer of chrome that guarantees our signature mirror-like finish. We have highly engineered electronic process controls on all of our plating lines and we have our own world-class laboratory for research and development to ensure customer satisfaction. There is no one else in the industry that can come close to offering the same level of corrosion resistance or meet our cosmetic requirements.


At Lincoln Chrome, we offer the highest quality aftermarket truck products in the industry. With quality control systems and 70 years of polishing and plating experience, we stand 100% behind our products.


We are located in the heart of America: Lincoln, Nebraska.


We value the relationships we build with our customers and your honest feedback is needed and appreciated. Please call your customer service representative or send an email to [email protected].