If you’re interested in our three-piece seamless design, you’ll need a spool to complete your exhaust system. These chrome-plated parts are available in diameters of 6, 7, and 8 inches and are engineered to provide a seamless fit with both the top stack and elbow.

Chrome Spools



Height  6 inch  7 inch  8 inch 
48"  406E-048-1103  407E-048-1103  408E-048-1103 
52"  406E-052-1103  407E-052-1103  408E-052-1103 
55"  406E-055-1103  407E-055-1103  408E-055-1103 
60"  406E-060-1103  407E-060-1103  408E-060-1103 

Chrome Quiet Spools



Height  7 inch  8 inch 
52"  QS-407E-052-1103  QS-408E-052-1103 
55"  QS-407E-055-1103  QS-408E-055-1103 
60"  QS-407E-060-1103  QS-408E-060-1103